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Screengrab is no longer supported by it's original author, as stated on his website

I have taken it upon myself to make some improvements, fix some bugs, incorporate other people's bug fixes, and hopefully get firefox to stop refusing to install it.
That's about it.

screengrab options

Fixes and Improvements:

Added elite new date stamp formats of my own personal preference.
Added & exposed more options.
Fixed & exposed the jpg quality option.
Fixed & exposed the "status bar" icon enable/disable.
Fixed and reinstated the "toolbar" icon.
Fixed stripping invalid characters from the filename (for windows at least).
Logging options exposed and working.
Added ".jpg" as a file extension option.
Option to default to download folder
Screenshot counter
Other fixes I stole but don't fully grasp.
Other fixes I forgot about.


screengrab-1.0.xpi (licensed as GNU GPLv3) Same thing, just added .zip to the name


Click on the .xpi file linked in the download section, and when propted, choose to allow the installation

If firefox gets all bitchy about it (as is often the case), you can try simply unzipping the xpi file directly into your firefox extensions under a folder named "". There are other suggestions for installing extensions when firefox has a hissy fit about it. Too many to detail here. Use the google.


Upon installing screengrab it will add an icon to your toolbar. Make sure you can see your toolbar. There is also a status bar icon and a context menu entry by default. You can enable or disable those in the options. The toolbar can be moved or removed by customizing the toolbar. (Right click on the toolbar and select 'customize'.)

Please remember that you need to be on a real web page to use screengrab. Using screengrab on a tab like the ADD-ONS tab will produce nothing and can ve very frustrating if you are not paying attention.

Screengrab's options can be set on the screen where you view your installed extensions.

Options to note:

Show file in downloads - does nothing yet, default is off until someone shows me how to do this.
Use Java if available - doesn't seem to work, default is off. See the source code if you want to figure this out.
Toolbar added once - this is how screengrab remembers not to add the toolbar icon again. I suggest you don't fiddle with this.
Magic - does nothing at all. I just wanted a switch I can use for testing some alternate code paths or extra debug output. Not used as of v1.0.


source code source code for 0.96.3, 0.96.8c, and 1.0
I have also produced patches between these three versions if you wish to audit the changes. mozillaZine discussion thread for version 1.0+ please do your bitching and whining over there old screengrab homepage 0.96.3 old screengrab source 0.96.3 on google code!forum/screengrab screengrab google groups discussion screengrab 0.96.3 AMO Page screengrab (fix version) 0.96.8c AMO Page

Version History:

version 1.0
Built from 0.96.3, merged selected bug fixes from 0.96.8c, several options and bug fixes added.

Created 19 Oct 2012

Copyright © 2012 By Sean McLaughlin All Rights Reserved.
Screengrab is licensed as GNU GPL3
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