Sean's Registry Tweaks



Most of these tweaks can be found other places on the net. I have collected the good ones that I use and I share them here with you. You can modify any of the files in notepad.

updated 12 Oct 2007

cmdhere.reg                    Command Prompt Here Right Click Menu
cmdquickedit.reg               Enables Quick Edit In Command Prompt
cpclassicview.reg              Classic View In Control Panel
Enablestatusbar.reg            Enable Status Bar in Notepad
indexingservice.reg            Disable the Indexing Service
jpegjpg.reg                    Saves .jpeg as .jpg
messengerservice.reg           Disable the Messenger Service
noshortcut2.reg                Do Not Prefix 'shortcut to' on chortcuts
open with notepad For Files With No Ext.reg
promptresumeundo.reg           Dont Prompt for password resuming from standby or whatever
searchactive.reg               Search Everything
showcontrolpanel.reg           Show Control Panel On Start Menu or maybe show as a menu
simpleview.reg                 Simple Tree View In Windows Explorer
cleanupwiz.reg                 Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard
DisableTaskBarGrouping.reg     duh!
DisablePersonalMenus.reg       Disable hiding menu options from the user
no_stealing_focus.reg          Prevent Apps from stealing focus
iconcache 12000.reg            Bump up the icon cache from 2,000 to 12,000
increase_folder_cache.reg      Remember View Settings for a TON of folders
No Use Search Asst.reg         Disable the Search Assistant (Dog)
IEWatsonEnabled                Disable Error Reporting to MS when IE crashes
The IE Links folder will not be recreated. Manually delete the Links folder from Favorites Menu
                               Disable auto-reboot on system crash aka enable bluescreen
                               Disable Error Reporting to MS for OS crashes
ie_more_than_two_downloads.reg          Allow more than 2 Downloads simultaneously in IE
IDE_ResetErrorCountersOnSuccess.reg     If IDE speed is lowered due to bad communications or sectors, bump it back up later
show_hidden_devices.reg        Show Hidden Devices in Device Manager
disable Anti-virus Notifications
disable Firewall Notifications
disable Automatic Updates Notifications
disable Security Center
task Manager Defaults.reg      Task Manager Default Columns, Position and Prefs, Arranged the way Sean likes it
Prevent XP from restoring network drives at logon and delays of around 3 minutes if the shares aren't accessible, instead leaving them as ghosts, reconnecting upon first use
Disables that idiotic dialog "use the web service to find the appropriate program"

seans advanced reg tweaks.reg
08 March 2005

classicmenu.reg                  Enable the Classic Start Menu
nocommontasks.reg                Don't show that 'Common Tasks' Pane in Folders
opennewWindowRightClick.reg      Open a new explorer window for right click target
SmallIconsOnStartMenu.reg        Small Icons on the Start Menu
NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation     Don't create extra 8.3 filename entries for old dos support (could cause hard to diagnose failures of some software)
NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate.reg  Don't touch folder modified times just browsing around in explorer
disable_paging_exec.reg          Keep all of Windows OS stuff in memory and dont page it out to disk (you should have 512 MB+ for this)

last update 14 Dec 2005
created 08 March 2005

Disable Alerter (Alerter)
Disable Indexing Service
Disable Error Reporting Service (ERSvc)
Disable Help and Support (helpsvc)
Disable IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service (ImapiService)
Disable Machine Debug Manager (MDM)
Disable Messenger (Messenger) (this is not MSN or Windows Messenger)
Disable Network DDE (NetDDE)
Disable Network DDE DSDM (NetDDEdsdm)
Disable Remote Desktop (RDSessMgr)
Disable Routing and Remote Access (RemoteAccess)
Disable Remote Registry (RemoteRegistry)
Disable Smart Card (SCardSvr)
Disable Smart Card Helper (SCardDrv)
Disable System Restore (srservice)
Disable System Restore Filter Driver (sr)
Disable Telnet Server (TlntSvr)
Disable Distributed Link Tracking Client (TrkWks)
Disable Security Center (wscsvc)

Manual Application Layer Gateway Service (ALG) (Needed for ICS or Firewall)
Manual Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC)
Manual Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (SharedAccess)
Manual Portable Media Serial Number Service (WmdmPmSN)

Auto Computer Browser (Browser)
Auto COM+ Event System (EventSystem)
Auto Network Connections (Netman)
Auto Network Location Awareness (Nla)
Auto Remote Access Connection Manager (RasMan)

; Prevents explorer searches from looking inside zip files
; (because having huge zip/cab files can cause the search to take forever)

regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll
regsvr32 /u cabview.dll


seans_basic_reg_tweaks.reg  [View]
seans_advanced_reg_tweaks.reg  [View]
seans_XP_Service_Killer.reg  [View]
disable_zip_folder_searching.bat  [View]

Created 08 March 2005

Copyright © 2005 By Sean McLaughlin All Rights Reserved.


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