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DISEQC and Twinhan / VisionPlus Cards

Update: check out these links for information on what the problem may be:

Some people have problems getting their Twinhan / VisionPlus cards to work with DISEQC switches.
I had to test a few 4x1's before finding one that worked with a VP1020 blue card.
(Click here for pictures of a vp1020 blue card)

Feel free to send me pictures of your good or bad switches and I will add them to this page.

This DMS International 4x1 switch works:
Although it is not stated, the control address is 15h (see bottom of page for device address information)

(click the image for a larger copy)

This DS-21 2x1 switch also works:
The IC has working output pins for all four, but they just left off the parts for the other two outputs.
It does actually switch all four, so it is not simply operating in a backwards compatible 22kHz tone burst mode.

This Multistar MS-4x1 switch does NOT work:
With 0 to 1 LNBs connected, the switch will operate correctly. With 2 LNBs connected, it starts acting flaky. With 3 or 4 LNBs, it is essentially non-functional.
You can see it uses two transistors in parallel to switch each LNB.
It works just fine connected to a Pansat 3500

This QSat SC-300 switch does NOT work:
This switch is also known as a "DMS International"
This switch will operate correctly until you connect any LNBs and then it is essentially non-functional.

Click here for the modification instructions for the above switch to get it to work with the twinhan.
I have tested this mod myself and it [works/doesnt work]

DISEQC Addresses

It doesn't help when they don't tell you the DISEQC address. All of these switches respond to address 15h.
10h (the default in some software) will also work. 10h means "the first switch that gets this message".
15h means "the switch with DC pass through"
Similarly, 30h means "the first positioner that gets this message"
And 0h means "the first DISEQC device that gets this message"

You can read all about it on page 14 of the DISEQC Bus Specification (.pdf direct link)

Modified 10 Nov 2006 - Added Qsat/DMS Mod
Created 10 Feb 2006

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