Program Detail Files for MyTheatre



This MyTheatre plugin will write text files (see samples) that describe the current program.
If you archive a lot of movies and TV shows this extra detail is quite handy.
Only recent MyTheatre versions are supported. MyTheatre 2.x is not supported.

At the moment, the plugin can't tell if you are recording a program or not, so detail files will be written whether you are recording or just watching TV.

It works as follows:

Start MyTheatre. After a specified time delay, Detailor will look up the EPG
information for the currently playing (or recording) channel. It will then
create a text file with all of the details.

If you change the channel, Detailor will reset the delay timer.
If Detailor has found EPG data for the current program, it will
automatically set the timer to go off after the next program
starts, plus the usual delay.

Here's an example of the delay set to 9 minutes:

Start MyTheatre at 9:00 am
At 9:09 Detailor will do an EPG lookup for the current channel and create
the detail file.

Your show ends at 9:30.
At 9:39 Detailor will write a detail file for the new show.

At 9:43 you change the channel (either manually or by a recording timer).

At 9:50 you change the channel again. No file was written because only 7 of 9 minutes have elapsed.

At 9:59 Detailor will write a detail file for the current show.

Your show ends at 10:00.
At 10:09 Detailor will write a detail file for the current show.

Your show ends at 11:00.
At 11:09 Detailor will write a detail file for the current show.

If no EPG data is available, Detailor will check every 9 minutes until it becomes available.

Download: - The plugin, Detailor.dll.
Unzip this into your myTheatre\plugins directory.


Here's a sample description file:
050325_160000 MC-EA Back to the Future Part II.txt

Here's the same description file using the Alternate Detail Format.
Back to the Future Part II_05Mar25-1600_MC-EA.txt


To set options, go to the Detailor dialog (CTRL-ALT-D) in MyTheatre.

The detailor settings are stored in MyTheatre's settings.ini file.

Here's what it adds and their defaults. (Subject to change as the plugin is updated)



Enable			- Detailor on (1) / off (0)
Delay			- Seconds to wait before locating the EPG data and creating the description file.
			  I don't recommend less than 15 seconds. You have to allow time for EPG data to arrive.
			  You also want to avoid hammering the EPG database with constant queries since they use significant CPU
AltFileNaming		- on (1) / off (0) See the example files in the download section.
AltDetPath		- An optional alternate path to save the description files. MUST END WITH A BACKSLASH ie. C:\Details\
			  If left blank the description file will be saved in the same folder as the mpeg files.
RecFileNameSuffix	- Obvious
DetFileNameSuffix	- Obvious
DVBDevice_Name		- Enter whatever you like for this, it is simply included in the detail file.
Comment			- Enter whatever you like for this, it is simply included in the detail file.

Version History:

Feature: Files written while no EPG data is available will have the program name set to "(NO EPG DATA)"
Feature: The last detail file writen without EPG data (if any) will be deleted if EPG data later becomes available within its time span.

Bugfix: Could add/update detail files every delay period while no EPG data is available.
Bugfix: Changing the delay period while Detailor is active will only show effects after the current delay period expires.
Bugfix: Record Start Time should only change if you change the channel (for now).

First public release
275 downloads (approx)


Detailor has been built using the plugin framework from the A/V Broadcaster plugin by Scribitus Ver 0.12 May 5, 2004.
I also have an updated A/V Broadcaster version which includes EPG program descriptions for an XBOX frontend.
See my AVB Page for more information.

Created 01 April 2005

Copyright © 2005 By Sean McLaughlin All Rights Reserved.


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