Little Big Adventure 2:

Twinsenís Odyssey


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[21:17] <asciiman>

is ne1 gonna write a FAQ when they beat it

[21:17] <asciiman> ???

[21:18] <NipKick> There prob already is one

[21:18] <asciiman> nope

[21:18] <asciiman> Iíve looked

[21:18] <asciiman> hehe



14:22] <Khameleon> I just got the game and

I am stuck with the thief who stole the umbrella

[14:22] <Flounder> ok..

[14:22] <Flounder> sure

[14:23] <Flounder> change to discreet, and walk behind him

[14:23] <Flounder> walk right up to him.. and there ya go


[21:08] <NipKick>

I need to get on Esmer Base

[21:08] <NipKick> I cant figure out how


[21:08] <dDuDe>

I am on devil island where do I go

[21:09] <NipKick> U mean the desert island?

[21:09] <dDuDe> yes sorry

[21:09] <dDuDe> desert island

[21:09] <dDuDe> no is that on the island



[21:09] <asciiman>

where are the boards to get the flower

[21:09] <asciiman> ???

[21:09] <NipKick> There are no boards

[21:09] <NipKick> Well, did u get into the Wizard training school?

[21:09] <asciiman> yes

[21:09] <NipKick>

U need to get the car to make the jump

[21:09] <asciiman> how

[21:09] <asciiman> its to slow

[21:09] <NipKick> Yeah its behind the cemetery dDuDe

[21:10] <dDuDe> NipKick: it is on the island right

[21:10] <NipKick> [asciiman]: yknow where that cemetery secret entrance is?

[21:11] <NipKick> Right by the cemetery secret entrance is a rock area where u can drive onto, and

that is where u can make the jump

[21:11] <asciiman> tormented told me there are some boards

[21:11] <asciiman> ok

[21:11] <NipKick> Well, there is a wooden jump on the rocks

[21:13] <asciiman> it wont let me jump

[21:13] <NipKick> It should

[21:13] <NipKick> U have the car, right?

[21:13] <asciiman> ok

[21:13] <asciiman> Iím stupid

[21:13] <asciiman> nevermind

[21:13] <asciiman> hehe

[21:13] <asciiman> I see now

[21:13] <NipKick> Good



[21:14] <Tormented> NipKick:

You get the Proto-pack yet?

[21:14] <NipKick> Yeah I got it


[21:14] <Tormented>

How Do you open that locked door in the package retrieval thingy?

[21:15] <NipKick> U donít

[21:15] <Tormented> How do you open the package?

[21:15] <Tormented> :)

[21:16] <NipKick> U pay the guy to bring the package [21:16] <Tormented> OH I AINíT FUCKIN PAYIN..


[21:14] <NipKick>

I need to steal a shuttle in Esmer Base

[21:14] <Tormented> Nip: Ok hereís what cha do.

[21:15] <Tormented> bust outta jail and free the fly..

[21:15] <NipKick> I know

[21:15] <NipKick> Iím way past that

[21:15] <NipKick> I was on that planet

[21:15] <NipKick> I escaped

[21:15] <NipKick> Iím on the desert island now

[21:15] <Tormented> ok

[21:15] <NipKick> I need to get onto some mountain base thing



[21:16] <dDuDe> nip: question

how do I get into the cemetery

[21:16] <NipKick> [dDuDe]: Thereís a secret entrance

[21:16] <dDuDe> NipKick: secret? near the cemetery on no

[21:17] <NipKick> Yeah

[21:17] <NipKick> Just walk around the rock cemetery and there will be an entrance by some trees

[21:31] <asciiman>


go into aggressive and hit the arrows

[21:32] <asciiman> to change the place you want to go

[21:32] <asciiman> get on the little train thing and jump on the high step thing and get the

mushrooms for a lot of money


[21:42] <dDuDe>

after getting the blowgun what are the other 2 things that I need to get?


[21:44] <asciiman>

how do you get in the cave on the little island by white leaf desert

[21:44] <asciiman> the flower

[21:44] <asciiman> and then go to dome island [21:44] <dDuDe> where is the flower?

[21:44] <asciiman> look on your holo map

[21:45] <asciiman> press tab or h

[21:46] <dDuDe> what do that tell me though [21:46] <dDuDe> what island it is on?

[21:46] <dDuDe> what does that tell me

[21:50] <asciiman> it tells you where the stuff you need is

[21:50] <dDuDe>

where is the flower?

[21:50] <asciiman> look at the big arrow

[21:50] <dDuDe> how?

[21:50] <asciiman> press enter

[21:50] <asciiman> to zoom in

[21:51] <asciiman> try that

[21:58] <dDuDe> how do I get the flower

[21:59] <dDuDe> nip: who do I get the flower [21:59] <NipKick> Well, did u pass the blowgun test?

[21:59] <dDuDe> yes

[21:59] <NipKick> Did u get the car part

[22:00] <dDuDe> what?

[22:00] <dDuDe> I guess not

[22:00] <dDuDe> what car?

[22:00] <dDuDe> the race car?

[22:01] <NipKick> No

[22:01] <NipKick> The car at home

[22:01] <dDuDe> what about it

[22:01] <NipKick> Yíknow how it was broken, and u needed a part?

[22:01] <NipKick> U get the part at one of the places in the desert island

[22:01] <NipKick> Just go everywhere till u find the part

[22:01] <dDuDe> I have to do this before I get the flower

[22:01] <NipKick> Then take a ferry back to the original island

[22:02] <NipKick> Yes u do


[22:01] <asciiman>

how do you get on the middle thing in the sewer

[22:02] <asciiman> Iím on it but canít get past the gate [22:02] <NipKick> [asciiman]: Did u fall through the hole?

[22:02] <asciiman> what hole

[22:02] <NipKick> I guess not

[22:02] <NipKick> Ok, ya gotta go into the restaurant

[22:03] <NipKick> Then go to the jukebox and play song 2 (LBA theme)

[22:03] <NipKick> Then the bartender will come out and dance...

[22:03] <NipKick> Then u go behind the bar and do action on the beer dispenser

[22:03] <NipKick> And u get a key

[22:03] <NipKick> Then go into the key room in the restaurant

[22:04] <NipKick> And dall into the hole

[22:04] <NipKick> dall=fall



[22:04] <asciiman>

what happens when you put in the pyramid key

[22:04] <NipKick> Well, a door opens in the middle

[22:05] <NipKick> But u cant do anything in there till u get the lightning spell

[22:05] <asciiman> when do I get off the planned

[22:05] <asciiman> planet

[22:05] <NipKick> Geez, u should try and figure this stuff out yourself :)


[22:13] <kabl_guy>

what is the penguin for?

[22:13] <NipKick> It explodes 5 secs after u put it down


[22:15] <kabl_guy> what is the glod clover leaf for ???

[22:15] <kabl_guy> gold

[22:15] <kabl_guy> I seen it in the sewers

[22:16] <kabl_guy> but could not jump to it



[22:21] <asciiman>

does ne1 know what I should do in the little sendal room in the sewer???



[22:56] <asciiman>

how do I get my magicians suit thing back

[22:56] <asciiman> or do I

[22:56] <NipKick> U donít

[22:56] <NipKick> I havenít anyway



[22:59] <asciiman>

could you tell me where the pearl is

[22:59] <NipKick> Its in that cave

[22:59] <asciiman> ok

[22:59] <asciiman> wait, the one on the island [22:59] <asciiman> ???

[22:59] <NipKick> Ya gotta go on this dock on desert island, and ring the bell, and wait for a

turtle that swims up

[22:59] <NipKick> Then ride the turtle into the cave [23:00] <NipKick> But u MUST have the jetpack [23:00] <NipKick> Or else ya cant get the pearl [23:00] <asciiman> let me guess [23:00] <asciiman> get it from the inventor [23:00] <asciiman> right???

[23:00] <NipKick> Nooo

[23:01] <asciiman> hmmm

[23:01] <asciiman> ok

[23:01] <asciiman> where then

[23:01] <NipKick> It will come at the baggage claim on citadel island

[23:01] <asciiman> but donít I need a pass

[23:01] <asciiman> for the baggage claim thing



[23:10] <|Jaden|>

how do I free the lighthouse guy?

[23:12] <Tormented> Ya see the switch behind da 3 barrels?

[23:12] <Tormented> Throw yer ball at it.

[23:13] <asciiman> I just rang the bell

[23:21] <Tormented> Hmm..

[23:21] <Tormented> Iíll try that.

[23:21] <Tormented> Then ya go back..

[23:21] <NipKick> And the turtle can be ridden by going to a certain wooden dock in desert island


[23:10] <Tormented> Nip:

How do I kill that dragon thing in the cave on the island next to Desert Island??


[23:20] <Tormented> I killed that big ol demon nasty thingy.. And got the protective spell. but no pearl.

[23:21] <NipKick> Well, the pearl is in a cave that u need to ride the turtle to get there

[23:21] <Tormented> make lightning which lets ya go to the sewers..

[23:21] <Tormented> WOODEN dock?

[23:21] <Tormented> I know about the bell.. [23:21] <NipKick> And on the dock, is a bell which u ring [23:22] <Tormented> but I ainít seen no wooden dock. [23:22] <NipKick> And then a turtle swims in [23:22] <Tormented> must be another turtle..

[23:22] <NipKick> There are 2 bells on the island

[23:22] <Tormented> cuz the one I found took me to a clover box.

[23:22] <Tormented> oh ok.


[23:24] <asciiman>

what is that thing behind the inventors house

[23:24] <NipKick> Its a spaceshit under a tarp

[23:24] <NipKick> Errr spaceshiP



[23:24] <asciiman>

so... where is the other bell

[23:25] <NipKick> Itís by the place where u board the ferry

[23:25] <NipKick> Thereís a big dirt area behind it


[23:28] <asciiman>

so...where is the jetpack

[23:29] <asciiman> in the baggage place

[23:29] <asciiman> right

[23:29] <NipKick> U gotta get it when your wife tells u [23:29] <asciiman> but how do I get it form there [23:29] <NipKick> U go in, and the guy tells u [23:30] <asciiman> tells me....

[23:30] <asciiman> that I need a baggage slip


[23:32] <kabl_guy>

I rescued the lighthouse guy and the aliens came now what?

[23:33] <NipKick> Well, whatís happening?

[23:33] <NipKick> Did he stop the storm?

[23:33] <kabl_guy> ya

[23:33] <kabl_guy> the aliens came

[23:33] <kabl_guy> and...???

[23:34] <NipKick> What did they tell u?

[23:34] <kabl_guy> nothing

[23:34] <NipKick> Go to the sauna in the building on desert island [23:35] <NipKick> That might be whatís next...



[23:35] <kabl_guy>

how do I get on desert island

[23:35] <kabl_guy> go to the dock

[23:35] <kabl_guy> yes that is probably it



[23:37] <Tormented>

What do I do with the green lightning

[23:37] <Tormented> No once you stop the storm [23:38] <Tormented> ok where do I use the green lightning [23:38] <NipKick> The lightning?

[23:38] <NipKick> U mean to break open that ball in the sewers?

[23:38] <Tormented> NipKick: Ya know.. you take the pearl.. drop it in the wizís cauldron..

[23:38] <Tormented> and ya get lightning


[23:45] <Tormented> Nip:

How do I get to the middle thingy in the sewers? Thereís a gate blockin me..

[23:46] <Tormented> I canít reach the thingy where ya put the pyramid key

[23:46] <NipKick> Ya gotta go into the restaurant, play LBA theme on the jukebox, go behind the bar,

do action, get the key, go into the key room, fall into the hole...



[23:59] <Tormented>

Tryin to get into the base in Desert Island?

[23:59] <Tormented> so you can steal a shuttle?

[23:59] <NipKick> Yes!

[23:59] <NipKick> How???

[23:59] <Tormented> I donít know but thatís where I am. :)

[0:00] <NipKick> Well, were u able to see shuttles?


[0:01] <dDuDe>

Do I heal the Dino with my horn?

[0:01] <Tormented> yea

[0:01] <Tormented> shoot hearts at him

[0:01] <dDuDe> when I healed him, he gets up but then I try to talk to him and he jumps back on the

ground and says he is hurt again

[0:02] <Tormented> DuDe: Ya gotta shoot a few hearts

[0:08] <dDuDe> I healed the Dino with the horn and I still canít ride him

[0:08] <dDuDe> what is wrong

[0:08] <asciiman> you have to keep doing it

[0:08] <asciiman> until he gets up

[0:08] <dDuDe> he is up

[0:08] <asciiman> he isnít healed until he gets up and thanks you

[0:08] <dDuDe> but when I talk to him he falls down again, is my game fucked up

[0:08] <asciiman> talk to him

[0:08] <dDuDe> I used the whole horn on him

[0:09] <dDuDe> he is up and everything

[0:09] <asciiman> I donít know then



[0:06] <asciiman>

where do I get the disc shaped object to make the ship take off


[0:13] <LordOdiN>


[0:13] <LordOdiN> someone help me!!!

[0:14] <LordOdiN> you guys are all ops and useless!!

[0:14] <LordOdiN> help me please!!!

[0:14] <LordOdiN> come one I need it bad!!!

<Seanster> This channel is about lba2 gameplay only. Please take all your other requests/questions/ads elsewhere.

[0:16] <LordOdiN> Seanster, you donít know what you are talking about (surprise)

[0:16] <LordOdiN> I have only said ten times


[0:16] <Tormented> Nip:

I know where the ship is. ;))

[0:16] <Tormented> Nip: In the Temple of Bu. :)

[0:16] <Tormented> Ride the little trolley..

[0:17] <NipKick> Yeah, but WHERE is that?

[0:17] <Tormented> and hit the arrows with yer magic ball..

[0:17] <Tormented> aim yerself for some secrets..

[0:17] <NipKick> Ohhhhhh

[0:17] <NipKick> IC

[0:17] <NipKick> HAHHA

[0:17] <Tormented> Nip: got it now? :)

[0:17] <NipKick> THANX!



[0:17] <LordOdiN>

what secrets, I have been everywhere

[0:18] <LordOdiN> hello!?

[0:18] <LordOdiN> you guys arenít much help////

[0:22] *** LordOdiN was kicked by Seanster (Come back when you stop being an asswipe)


[0:33] <dDuDe>

I healed the Dino again with the horn and every time I try and talk to him again, he falls back down and says he is hurt?

[0:33] <dDuDe> what the hell is wrong

[0:35] <dDuDe> I healed him and he thanked me

[0:35] <dDuDe> but then when I try to talk to him again he falls back down and says I am hurt

[0:36] <dDuDe> any ideas

[0:37] <dDuDe> does anyone know what is wrong with my Dino?

[0:40] <dDuDe> can someone just send me there saved file after they healed the Dino, my Dino is

fucked up

[0:40] <dDuDe> I heal him and he thanks me but every time I try and talk to him he is injured?

[0:40] <dDuDe> Am I doing something wrong?

[0:39] <dDuDe> my game is fucked up

[0:39] <dDuDe> why can I ride my Dino, after he is healed [0:39] <dDuDe> does anyone know?


[0:45] <kabl_guy>

when do I get that car

[0:45] <kabl_guy> I gave the steering wheel to Zoë

[0:45] <kabl_guy> and I have to pick up the radio

[0:45] <Ionizer> I did that too

[0:45] <dDuDe> did you get the radio

[0:45] <Ionizer> yeah, who is the guy you need to pick the radio up from

[0:46] <dDuDe> same person you got the wheel from [0:46] <kabl_guy> hehe I know where to get the radio [0:46] <kabl_guy> do I get the car after that?

[0:46] <dDuDe> yes after you use the radio



[0:49] <Ionizer>


[0:49] <Ionizer> now what do I do? go give it to Zoë?

[0:49] <dDuDe> use it

[0:50] <Ionizer> uhh ok

[0:50] <Ionizer> she said sheís bringing the car to desert island [0:51] <Ionizer> so now I go to the car area?

[0:51] <dDuDe> what do u think

[0:51] <Ionizer> uhh I think I go to the race track ;)

[0:51] <Ionizer> lemme go


[0:46] <kabl_guy>

what do I do with the pyramid I got from the map dude?


[0:47] <Ionizer>

isnít the healing of the Dino, the end?

[0:47] <dDuDe> no


[0:47] <Ionizer> hmmm

Iím trying to find the "magic school"

or whatever, where is it

[0:49] <kabl_guy> ya where is the magic school?


[0:51] <LordOdiN>

thanks seansetr for banning me for nothing...

[0:51] <LordOdiN> I was just trying to help someone get the lba2 music files


[0:55] <LordOdiN>

what do you do at the temple of bu


[0:58] <Ionizer>

so what the hell am I supposed to do with this car

[0:58] <Ionizer> I drove it around the track, it was fun

[0:58] <Ionizer> now wtf do I do

[0:58] <dDuDe> get the flower

[0:58] <Ionizer> the flower? from where




[0:59] <kabl_guy>

how do I get the car

[0:59] <kabl_guy> I went to the race track

[1:00] <Tormented> Get the part from the inventor and give it back to your wife..

[1:00] <kabl_guy> and she wasnít there

[1:00] <kabl_guy> nono I did that

[1:00] <Tormented> then when you go back to Desert Island..

[1:00] <kabl_guy> and the radio bit too

[1:00] <Tormented> Get the radio from the inventor.

[1:00] <Tormented> You should get a call from your wife. [1:00] <kabl_guy> and she wasnít at the race track [1:00] <Tormented> She has it by the harbor.


[1:03] <Ionizer> now someone tell me

wtf to do once I got the car, where is this flower?

[1:04] <dDuDe> it is on a rock

[1:04] <IonLBA2> on a rock, in the desert?

[1:05] <dDuDe> yes

[1:09] <IonLBA2> I found the flower

[1:09] <IonLBA2> you need the car to jump



[1:21] <kabl_guy>

I got the flower, where is the wizards place?

[1:21] <kabl_guy> u have to give it to the wizards [1:22] <IonLBA2> and they are.....where?

[1:22] <kabl_guy> but I dunno where they are?

[1:22] <IonLBA2> me neither

[1:22] <IonLBA2> I think you do something w/ the flower..b/c the wizards need those flowers

[1:22] <IonLBA2> and they are rare and shit

[1:22] <IonLBA2> but I dunno where they are, somewhere on high rocks?

[1:22] <kabl_guy> no in the desert

[1:23] <asciiman> give the flower to the guy at the magic school

[1:23] <asciiman> to pass a test

[1:23] <kabl_guy> where is that school?

[1:23] <asciiman> in the cemetery

[1:24] <asciiman> there is a secret entrance on the side

[1:24] <asciiman> with some trees by it

[1:25] <IonLBA2> what part of the island

[1:26] <IonLBA2> I donít see no hidden entrance, maybe thatís why itís hidden ;)

[1:26] <IonLBA2> tell me what itís near dude

[1:27] <asciiman> on the desert island

[1:27] <asciiman> in the middle

[1:27] <asciiman> look on your map

[1:27] <asciiman> and you

[1:27] <asciiman> and youíll see a big rocky place in the middle

[1:27] <asciiman> that is it

[1:29] <IonLBA2> I donít see any island in the middle of the map

[1:29] <kabl_guy> by the town kinda

[1:29] <kabl_guy> in the desert



[1:27] <IonLBA2> and

where does that lame ass turtle take you?

[1:27] <IonLBA2> I can never jump on him


[1:29] <kabl_guy>

how do I get into the magic place

[1:29] <kabl_guy> err school

[1:29] <kabl_guy> Iím in the cemetery

[1:29] <IonLBA2> WAIT, IM IN THE LOWER LEFT...tell me wtf this stupid magic place is

[1:29] <kabl_guy> it is in the cemetery

[1:29] <IonLBA2> isnít the cemetery like closed

[1:31] <IonLBA2> ok Iím right near the cemetery, but the gate is closed

[1:31] <kabl_guy> how do I get into the magic place

[1:31] <IonLBA2> try using the flower

[1:31] <IonLBA2> but how do you get into the cemetery is my question

[1:31] <kabl_guy> go to the left side

[1:31] <IonLBA2> there are two entrances

[1:31] <IonLBA2> which entrance

[1:31] <kabl_guy> u will see a tree

[1:33] <IonLBA2> there is only one entrance, ok go to the tree. now what

[1:33] <kabl_guy> Iím in the cemetery

[1:33] <kabl_guy> but dunno what to do

[1:36] <IonLBA2> ok I see this big shining face at me

[1:36] <IonLBA2> this was on the box of the game

[1:36] <asciiman> youíll find the way in

[1:36] <IonLBA2> I just got in

[1:36] <asciiman> go in his mouth

[1:36] <IonLBA2> I donít know what I did, but it took me in there..

[1:36] <asciiman> it is a door



[1:40] <asciiman>

can you only use the ring of lighting once?

[1:40] <Tormented> ascii: No..

[1:40] <Tormented> it takes full magic.


[1:42] <IonLBA2>

I got some horn and it says that it can be used to heal myself or someone else can I use that on the Dino?

[1:42] <Tormented> Yes

[1:42] <IonLBA2> now what do I do

[1:42] <Tormented> Fly. :)

[1:42] <IonLBA2> fly? WHAT? where

[1:42] <IonLBA2> oh on that magic carpet dude?




[1:42] <IonLBA2>

this damn magic school is a rip off, it costs 120 cashes

[1:45] <IonLBA2> this target practice shit

[1:43] <Tormented> A: It is NOT a ripoff it is essential to the game


[1:45] <IonLBA2> so wait, what do I do now,

Iím doing that target shit in the magic school

[1:46] <Tormented> Hit all the targets [1:47] <IonLBA2> ok Iím trying, it ainít easy [1:47] <Tormented> easiest of the 3. :)

[1:50] <IonLBA2> yeah, finally did it

[1:51] <IonLBA2> COOOL a blowgun!

[1:51] <IonLBA2> now what..

[1:51] <Tormented> Go to the Island of the Dome of the Slate. :)



[1:52] <IonLBA2> yeah...

can I easily get a ticket to this island of the dome of the slate?

[1:52] <Tormented> Iíd take it to be safe.

[1:52] <Tormented> Ion: NOPE! Gotta ride Dino.

[1:52] <IonLBA2> ok lemme go back and heal that motherfucker.. brb


[1:53] <kabl_guy>

Iím on the island of slate now

[1:53] <Tormented> Copy down the fucking maze outside.. [1:53] <Tormented> SQUARE BY SQUARE.

[1:54] <kabl_guy> what u mean out side?

[1:55] <Tormented> Thereís a picture outside of the maze.


[1:55] <asciiman>

y canít I use the green ring of lighting

[1:55] <asciiman> I havenít used it yet [1:56] <Tormented> ascii: U need full magic [1:56] <asciiman> I have to kill all those guys over again then [1:56] <asciiman> right???

[1:57] <asciiman> yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss

[1:57] <asciiman> I found some

[1:58] <asciiman> kewl

[1:58] <asciiman> I got Sendals ball



[1:58] <IonLBA2> on the island of citadel, I used the spit-thingy, and

I shot the fisherman, and HE RAN INTO THE WATER?!?!?!?

[1:58] <IonLBA2> WHAT THE HELL

[1:58] <IonLBA2> why did he do that, dumb fuck

[1:59] <asciiman> do it again

[1:59] <asciiman> thatís pretty kewl

[2:01] <Tormented> Ion: Characterís have built in comedy sketches in the game. ;)

[2:01] <Tormented> and if ya punch a worker he gets sucked into the machine. :)


[2:01] <IonLBA2>

what is the point of me going to the island of the dome slate?

[2:01] <IonLBA2> what am I supposed to do here?

[2:01] <Tormented> Ion: Go inside and go through the maze.

[2:01] <Tormented> Ion: Thereís a part in the game where you gotta move this crate..


[2:02] <dDuDe>

how do you get into the cemetery?

[2:02] <IonLBA2> dDuDe: by the trees, there is an entrance

[2:02] <dDuDe> I can get in through the secret but the doors are locked

[2:02] <IonLBA2> go to the left

[2:02] <IonLBA2> and you will see trees



[2:02] <asciiman>

how do I get the clover box in the sewer

[2:02] <Tormented> kabl: Yea but did you get the clover box n the clovers n shit?[2:02] <kabl_guy> did any 1 get the one on slate island [2:03] <kabl_guy> torment do u have the srpes to get the clover box? [2:03] <kabl_guy> steps rather?

[2:03] <asciiman> Iíve gotten all that I have seen except the one in the sewer

[2:03] <asciiman> I have 4 boxes

[2:03] <asciiman> boxes

[2:03] <Tormented> I have 8 boxes. :)

[2:04] <kabl_guy> tell me where they are

[2:04] <Tormented> ascii: 1) Get Hoverjet

[2:04] <Tormented> 2) use it.

[2:04] <kabl_guy> ascii where are the ones u got?

[2:04] <asciiman> get the one from the turtle???

[2:04] <kabl_guy> ya

[2:04] <kabl_guy> and..

[2:05] <Tormented> ascii: Yea if ya go in slowly.. didnít you play the FIRST relentless?

[2:05] <kabl_guy> ascii where are the others?

[2:19] <IonLBA2> arenít the clover boxes just so you can fucking start over if you die?


[2:05] <dDuDe>

how do I get my robes and medallion

[2:05] <Tormented> DuDe: Museum in the VERY beginning..

[2:06] <dDuDe> How do I get it though, you can see it in the case but how do I get it out

[2:06] <Tormented> DuDe: Go outside, and climb through the window.


[2:05] <kabl_guy>

what did u say about that trolley car ride where u hit the signs

[2:06] <Tormented> kabl: It only works if yer supposed to steal an alien ship..



[2:07] <kabl_guy>

steal an alien ship? what is the secret?

[2:07] <Tormented> kabl_guy: Yea.. later in the game you gotta steal an alien ship and go back to

their planet..

[2:07] <Tormented> thatís the secret..

[2:07] <Tormented> their base.

[2:08] <kabl_guy> ohh ic what does that have to do with the trolley thing

[2:08] <Tormented> kabl: That comes later


[3:17] <pure_bred>

can someone help me free Ralph from the prison?


[8:43] <[-w00p-]> well..

I would like to know a good attack technique


[14:06] <Prolix>

Iím trying to get into the cemetery on desert island

[14:06] <Tormented> walk in where you see two dead trees..

[14:06] <Tormented> thereís a little path.

[14:06] <Tormented> Face the entrance..

[14:06] <Tormented> and walk around left

[14:06] <Tormented> of the mountain..

[14:07] <Tormented> youíll see two dead trees.

[14:07] <Tormented> under one of emís branch is a path..



[14:09] <Prolix>

What about that giant clam on desert island

[14:09] <Prolix> I tried like a million times to jump to it [14:09] <Tormented> Youíll get a jetpack for it.. [14:09] <Tormented> later.


[14:10] <Prolix> Ohh yeah

I got the acid and the part for my car, should I go back to Citadel island

or keep looking for the cure to my Dino fly?

[14:11] <NipKick> Back


[14:28] <LordOdiN>

where do I get a baggage ticket

[14:28] <NipKick> At the baggage building [14:28] <LordOdiN> I need a claim ticket!

[14:28] <kabl_guy> how do I get a baggage ticket though

[14:28] <NipKick> U must wait until your WIFE tells u that u can go pick up the jetpack

[14:29] <kabl_guy> hmm I guess I should talk to her then 14:31] <kabl_guy> what do I have to do to get her to tell me?

[14:31] <NipKick> I dunno

[14:31] <NipKick> She just told me...

[14:32] <kabl_guy> did she call u?

[14:32] <kabl_guy> on the radio?

[14:32] <NipKick> I donít remember...

[14:32] <kabl_guy> damn



[15:13] <Int>

How the fuck do you rescue the lighthouse dude?

[15:13] <Jonakand> beat the shit out of the beeeeig Tralu [15:13] <Int> so I just have to find him?

[15:13] <Jonakand> in the caves under the weather wizards tent

[15:14] <Jonakand> and kill a beeeig huge beaver thinggy

[15:14] <Int> I went there and I could only go to the jail and another place where barrels stopped me

[15:14] <Jonakand> hmm....nut thru the secret passage in the tent....itís outside.....


[15:16] <kabl_guy>

how did u get lighting?

[15:16] <kabl_guy> tell me please

[15:16] <kabl_guy> I can get the jetpack

[15:16] <Jonakand> you need the pearl......go to desert island....and ring the bell fer the turtle to the south.....use jetpack to cross chasm and get a pearl....go back to weather wizard and put in his potion

[15:17] <kabl_guy> but I need the jetpack

[15:17] <kabl_guy> what do I have to do to get her to tell me to get it

[15:17] <Jonakand> jetpack is at baldinoís

[15:17] <kabl_guy> what do I have to do to get her to tell me to get it

[15:17] <kabl_guy> the jetpack


[15:18] <kabl_guy>

I just need the jetpack to go on

[15:18] <Tormented> kabl: Ok the jetpack comes LATER.. only get it when Zoë calls you on the radio and tells you to do it.[15:18] <Jonakand> go back to yer wife [15:19] <kabl_guy> she was doing wall paper [15:19] <Jonakand> go to baggage claim and PAY THE MAN 102 [15:19] <kabl_guy> how do I pay him off [15:19] <Tormented> Jonakand: Ok.. ya gotta go into the tavern.. [15:19] <Tormented> to the wine cellar..

[15:19] <Tormented> and fall down the pit.

[15:19] <Tormented> If ya got the pyramid key, the rest is easy. :)

[15:27] <Int>

Iím in the caves under the tent

and all I see is two bats, a jail and an empty room w/ a table

[15:27] <Int> no beaver

[15:27] <Int> er tralui

[15:27] <Int> or whatever its called

[15:29] <Tormented> Int: See the 3 barrels?

[15:29] <Tormented> throw yer ball over em and hit the switch.




Non Story Related Q&A



[22:00] <Tormented>

Is there any way to put the game in window mode so I donít got to switch all the time?

[22:00] <NipKick> Just keep alt-escaping

[22:00] <NipKick> Try alt-enter while in the game

[22:00] <NipKick> That usually makes a window

[22:01] <asciiman> just press alt-tab

[22:01] <asciiman> it is pretty easy that way

[22:01] <asciiman> if your music screws up

[22:01] <asciiman> just press esc twice



[22:09] <NipKick>

I found a way to have basically infinite money :)

[22:11] <NipKick> Go into your house, and next to the bed, there is a dresser w/ 15 kashes in it

[22:11] <NipKick> Then get the key and go into the next room, but immediately come back out

[22:11] <NipKick> And the kashes will refresh

[22:11] <NipKick> And u just keep doing it


[22:10] <kabl_guy>

I found a way for infinite life

[22:11] <kabl_guy> in the sewers there is a clover leaf just get it and go out and go back in and get

it again

[22:11] <kabl_guy> I had 15 lives


[22:12] <kabl_guy>

what is money for?

[22:12] <NipKick> U donít even need it if ya save alot [22:12] <NipKick> U can buy shit [22:12] <kabl_guy> I havenít had to buy anything yet?

[22:12] <kabl_guy> like what

[22:12] <NipKick> Like life, "mana", penguins, etc

[22:12] <kabl_guy> what is that thing u can buy

[22:12] <NipKick> Of course

[22:12] <NipKick> There is a store there

[22:12] <kabl_guy> penguin for?

[22:13] <NipKick> In it u can buy darts, penguins, life, and mana



[21:59] <NipKick>

I love how u can go in and out of an area and keep on getting stuff cuz it refreshes :)



Is there a cheat/editor?

[22:20] <asciiman> nope

[22:20] <asciiman> no editors

<Seanster> but I need to cheat



[22:35] <Dry-Ice>

Is there a music add-on to LBA2?

[22:40] <Dry-Ice> how big are the music files???

[22:42] <Dry-Ice> Kabl: Can you tell me how big the music files are?

[22:48] <Dry-Ice> Where can I get the music add-on?

<Seanster> music addon is 6 .rar files


[22:41] <Dry-Ice>

Is anyone awake in here?

[22:41] <kabl_guy> hmmm




[22:43] <kabl_guy>

is outpost 2 good?

[22:47] <Dry-Ice> Supposed to be better than the first one

[22:51] <kabl_guy> but

I hate switching back and forth between sporty and normal

[22:51] <NipKick> I think it can only go up to 999 [22:51] <NipKick> U donít need to!!

[22:51] <kabl_guy> what u mean?

[22:51] <NipKick> Just push Ďwí when your in sporty to do ACTION


[22:52] <|Chuwie|>

what improvements are there from LBA

[22:52] <NipKick> Better effects

[22:53] <NipKick> And u donít need to be in dos mode


[22:53] <|Chuwie|>

how big is it...

[22:53] <NipKick> 70 disks

[22:54] <NipKick> + 6 disks for the music addon

[22:54] <|Chuwie|> thatís... 90 megs

[22:54] <|Chuwie|> or 100

[22:54] <|Chuwie|> or close right?

[22:54] <Dry-Ice> Get the mini-rip

[22:54] <Dry-Ice> You donít need the cut video


[22:54] <Scarab>

I want LBA2!!! Is anybody offering it here?


[22:55] <kabl_guy>

how do u see how many kashes u have?

[22:55] <NipKick> Just hold ctrl

[22:56] <NipKick> The # by the coins



[0:58] <Ionizer>

is there any WWW w/ a walkthrough yet?

[0:58] <Ionizer> cuz there is a hintbook out


[0:23] <Dry_Ice>

Why is everyone in here Canadian?

[0:23] <Dry_Ice> (so am I)

<Seanster> because Canada had a lot of cable modems before them stupid Americans

<Seanster> no offence intended to stupid Americans



how big is the game unrared?

[22:58] <asciiman> 133 mb

[22:58] <NipKick> Thatís w. the music addon



[1:50] <Dry-Ice>

Do I need the patch for the mini-rip?

[1:51] <Dry-Ice> So, do I?

[1:51] <Tormented> not sure...


[1:55] <Dry-Ice>

Why am I getting an error when I do the sound test

[1:55] <Dry-Ice> in the setsound file

[1:55] <Tormented> dunno



[2:10] <Dry-Ice>

Why the hell is it asking me for the CD?

[2:10] <Dry-Ice> How do I fix it so it doesnít ask for the CD?

[2:12] <Tormented> Dry: Worked automatically for me..


[2:10] <Dry-Ice>

Who did this mini-rip crap

[2:12] <Dry-Ice> Tor: Mini rip?

[2:13] <Dry-Ice> It goes up to LBAMINI.R12?

[2:14] <Dry-Ice> Also when I unrared it the thing didnít even have the dos4gw.exe file

[2:14] <Tormented> Mine is the 80 disk. :)

[2:15] <Dry-Ice> Fuck this thing


[13:08] <Keyser>

Anyone know if the Razor fix, fixes the minirip?